General Data Protection Regulation

The ECC online data system is a data processing system.  Edge Hill University (EHU) provides it as a service to the schools that take part in Every Child Counts (ECC) programmes.


As a school, you can enter data about your pupils’ progress and download reports that enable you to:

  • track the progress made by individual pupils and share this with parents
  • monitor the progress made by groups of pupils, including vulnerable groups, and share this with governors and inspectors
  • benchmark your school’s outcomes against national ECC outcomes and evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your ECC programmes.

The data system helps EHU to:

  • evaluate and improve the effectiveness of ECC programmes for schools across the country and share national outcomes with schools and interested parties
  • research the implementation and impact of ECC.

Please read through the document accessed by clicking the link below to see how the data system complies with data protection legislation (GDPR)

Data Protection and the ECC Data system