Accreditation for Trainers



Edge Hill University accredits Every Child Counts Trainers in order to recognise and assure the quality of training and support that they deliver to schools.

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ECC Trainers work for ECC Providers. ECC Providers are Local Authorities, Training enterprises or ECC schools. They are accredited and supported by Edge Hill University to promote and provide ECC training and support for local schools.

An ECC Provider:

  • normally has a successful track record as an ECC school or of
  • supporting other schools
  • employs and manages an ECC Trainer accredited by Edge Hill
  • is a University
  • promotes ECC to local schools and recruits schools that wish to access ECC services through the Provider
  • provides professional development and support for its ECC schools through the work of the Trainer and with the support of the University
  • charges fees to the schools that it supports and pays a fee to the University
  • enters into an agreement with Edge Hill University.

Training and support for an ECC intervention may only be delivered to schools by an ECC Trainer who is currently accredited for that intervention by Edge Hill University and who delivers the training on behalf of an accredited ECC Provider by agreement with the University.

Accreditation is at the discretion of the University. It is normally awarded annually, at the start of each school year and in respect of specific interventions, to individuals who have met the relevant Standards in the previous year. The University may provisionally accredit ‘trainers in training’ provided that they continually demonstrate that they are on track to meet the Standards.

An ECC National Adviser gathers evidence of meeting the Standards that enables him/her to recommend a Trainer to the University for accreditation through:

  • the Trainer’s attendance at and contributions to training and CPD events
  • field visits, including observation of and discussion with the Trainer and discussion with their provider
  • working and professional development files compiled by the Trainer
  • records and reports submitted by the Trainer to the University
  • data entered and monitored by the Trainer on the ECC data system
  • other evidence as necessary, requested by the National Adviser.

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